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Dr. Marcy Lupo          

I have come across few products that have been impressive enough for me to write to the manufacture. Breast Success is one such product. I first became aware of your product through one of my patients who had used it with great success. I must admit that initially I wasn't very hopeful as I had used other supplements in the past without any difference. I began taking Breast Success with the thought that any improvement was going to be better than nothing.

The first few weeks came and went without the tingling sensation that the product had noted might occur signaling changes were occurring. I reminded myself that not everyone's body works on the same time schedule and to give it some more time. After all even in the world of Western allotropic medicine many treatments vary widely in time and dosage. Like many things in life it gave me an opportunity to practice the fine art of patience.
When the tingling sensations did begin I wasn't all together sure that it wasn't simply wishful thinking on my part. Being a trained psychologist doesn't mean that I'm above human emotion but I also noticed a fullness that hadn't been there before and low and behold the tape measure was also confirming an exciting change.

After six months on your product I can report back to you that I was delighted with the end result. I now have cleavage! That may not sound like much but before your product the best I could do was to create the illusion of a little cleavage with the help of tape. Tape was a little trick that I picked up during my early days as a model but it was neither comfortable nor attractive when I took my clothes off. For the first time in my forty plus years of living I can now fill out a bra without the help of those little silicone cups I had come to rely on. I can't wait for sweater season!

I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you and your company for the creation of this fine product. Whether we like it or not ours is a society that focuses much attention on the physical appearance. Having breasts certainly isn't going to change who we are as people but it can help in feeling good about how we look. Unless it were the most drastic of situations I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they should undergo the knife to increase breast size. There are simply to many potential challenges with surgery. The great thing about your product is in it's natural ingredients and it's simplicity. You're not "messing with the natural design" simply enhancing it! Thank you again for providing women with Breast Success, May your company know great success.

Dr. Marcy
San Diego, California

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